How does Paigo work?

Paigo steps in if invoices remain unpaid after the end of the payment term - in other words: in case of a payment default. Together with you, Paigo then explores options for debt settlement, taking account of your needs in as far as possible:

  • with individual offers, such as, e.g. an agreement on payment by instalments or a deferment of payment 

  • and with various payment options, e.g. via PayPal, giropay, instant transfer and transfer also via a QR code for your banking app.  

Together with you, Paigo will find the optimum solution for you. 

More information on the available Paigo payment options can be found in the Paigo FAQ under "Which payment methods are available on Paigo?"

More information on payments by instalments is available in the Paigo FAQ under "How do I make a payment by instalments at Paigo?